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Stroke PinsThe stroke pin combines the eternal truth of an ancient Egyptian symbol with the modern urgency of The Goddess Fund's mission. This amulet, which was carried and worn by Egyptian gods and goddesses to "ward off illness", was also their treasured symbol of eternity. For The Goddess Fund, this beautiful character is a reminder of what each of us deserves: a long, healthy life. Like the symbol that the ancient Egyptians cherished, The Goddess Fund's adaptation is a sign that no woman should have to live as a prisoner in her own body. Through our dual commitment to research and education, The Goddess Fund aims to make this symbolic dream a reality.

By wearing the pin, you too can pledge your support to this important, and until now, neglected cause. For prices and to order our lapel pins, either in 14 carat gold or gold plate, please use our online order form, or contact us by phone at 561.623.0504.

Your purchase of a Goddess Fund pin will not only further The Goddess Fund's mission, it will be a way to give the most valuable gift you can: the gift of awareness. Every time you look at your pin, you will be reminded of the preciousness of life and your responsibility to protect it — for yourself and for all women.

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