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Stroke Cards

Save your life and the lives of those you love with our indispensable stroke cards.

These laminated double-sided life-savers, which Ladies' Home Journal reprinted and urged their readers to clip in their May 2002 issue, are filled with information you must know.

Put one in your own wallet, but more importantly, give one to your significant other, your daughter, your co-worker, and your friend. These cards (which apply to both men and women in emergency situations and are available in both English and Spanish) are powerful tools of self-empowerment.

Through a generous grant from Ms. Barbara Levy-Kipper and the Kipper Family Foundation, we are able to provide these cards to any and all.

Please give us your mailing information, along with the number of cards you request (don't forget to specify whether you would like them in English or Spanish.) This small step could save your life.

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