Research is the key to eliminating the impact of stroke in women's lives. Only through research will critical questions about prevention, treatment and rehabilitation be answered.

The Goddess Fund's research strategy is to develop young investigators who will dedicate their careers to finding the answers. These promising scientists will become tomorrow's research leaders in the fight to "strike back against stroke" in women.

Building the Future

There is a particular need to support promising young investigators and direct their scientific focus on questions relevant to stroke in women. Through grant funding and mentorship programs that partner senior stroke investigators with young researchers, The Fund seeks to build the foundation for tomorrow's research community dedicated to women's stroke.

Intent and Focus

Our intent is to fund research programs that have great potential to change the medical care of women at risk for or suffering stroke. The research may be basic or clinical, focused on such areas as mechanisms of ischemic brain injury, neuroprotective treatments, primary or secondary stroke prevention, epidemiological studies, educational programs for patients or healthcare providers, rehabilitation and outcomes research.

Structure and Support

Our goal is to fund as many grants as possible. Support of up to $65,000 per year is provided, for two years (renewable for a third). The total includes capped amounts for salary and indirect costs, with the balance devoted to associated research expenses.

Grant-Making Criteria

Grants are made on the basis of merit and commitment to study research questions that advance The Fund's mission. Other important criteria include the strength of the investigator and research environment, institutional support and potential clinical applications. Grant applications will be reviewed by a panel that includes, but is not limited to, the Medical Advisory Board of The Goddess Fund.

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