About The Goddess Fund

Our Mission

  1. To promote basic research to acquire a better scientific understanding of the nature of stroke in women.
  2. To promote clinical research to establish the efficacy of preventative measures and treatment strategies for stroke in women.
  3. To increase women’s access to "state of the art" prevention and treatment within the health care system and to study how to increase such access.
  4. To promote education, professional and public awareness about stroke in women with the aim of increasing awareness of the frequency and seriousness of this condition.

How is The Fund’s Mission Realized?

The Goddess Fund supports its mission through an array of special projects in research and education, targeting both the public at large and the medical community:

  • Funding grants for young investigators who will focus their research careers on stroke in women.
  • Increasing women’s representation in clinical studies of stroke.
  • Expanding research on gender disparities in stroke, and improving reporting of gender-specific findings in all stroke research.
  • Advocating increased government funding for research on stroke in women.
  • Encouraging clinical and basic research about stroke in women through career-development programs.
  • Raising awareness of the prevention and treatment of stroke in women.
  • Establishing a web site on stroke and women for the public and medical community.

What are The Goddess Fund’s Top Priorities?

To further advance the goal of eliminating the impact of stroke in women, The Goddess Fund has delineated two immediate priorities:

  1. To build awareness, through media attention and public education, of the risk factors, warning signs, acute-treatment requirements and rehabilitation options for women with stroke.
  2. To gain financial support from corporate, foundation or individual sources to fund important research focused on stroke in women.