Grant Programs

Rationale for Grants

The unique aspects of stroke in women represent an under-recognized and under-studied area of research. There is a large need to develop young investigators who will focus their interests and research careers on this problem. There is also a compelling need to develop mentorship systems and programs of excellence leading to research related to stroke in women. These individuals will ultimately form the seeds for core groups or research clusters for the study of stroke and cerebrovascular disease in women. Potential topic areas include, but are not limited to, basic and clinical studies focused on:

  • Epidemiology of stroke in women
  • Role of reproductive hormones and hormone replacement therapies
  • Stroke-associated with pregnancy
  • Contraceptives and stroke risk
  • Health care delivery
  • Womens' social support systems and care givers
  • Gender-specific aspects of current surgical therapies and drug effectiveness
  • Improving womens' representation in clinical trials
  • Unique patterns of disease development in women


The purpose of these grants is to develop young researchers at the entry faculty level (Instructor or Assistant Professor) who will focus a research career on studying the unique aspects of stroke in women. Such research may be basic or clinical in orientation, including areas such as mechanisms of ischemic brain injury, neuroprotective treatments, primary or secondary stroke prevention, epidemiological studies, educational programs for patients or health care providers, rehabilitation, and outcome research.

These grants are intended to provide bridging funds for individuals who are finishing or have completed residency or postdoctoral training and require additional support before their subsequent establishment as independent investigators.