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Funding Needs

The overall goal of The Goddess Fund — to eliminate the impact of stroke in women — represents a tremendous challenge. The critical needs in research and education are many, and urgent action is required to meet these needs.

Donations to The Goddess Fund can take any number of forms, including restricted and unrestricted grants, cash donations, gifts in kind, deferred giving, and bequests. All are tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.

Your support is critical in three general areas that require funding:


Career development grants and mentorship programs that encourage promising investigators to focus research on stroke in women. Research focused on specific topics, such as medical-system responsiveness to women with stroke, or which rehabilitative strategies work best in women.

Endowment for the Future

In order to ensure that critical programs will continue in perpetuity, it is vital that The Goddess Fund be self-sustaining. A sizable endowment will drive the expansion of research and education initiatives and build a base for the future.

Education and Outreach

An important goal of The Goddess Fund is to reach out to all relevant audiences with key messages about stroke in women. By building a small core of dedicated people, The Fund will keep costs low and impact high as we work toward this goal.