Grant Applications

The Hazel K. Goddess Fund for Stroke Research in Women invites Letters of Intent for the 2016 Goddess Scholars grant award.


Goddess Scholar grants are targeted at individuals who: (1) hold an M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree; (2) are at the fellow, instructor, or assistant professor rank; and (3) are within 5 years of completion of residency or post-doctoral fellowship at the time of grant activation. Individuals who are currently enrolled in a fellowship program may apply if there is assurance of a faculty position at the time of the grant's activation.

Funds and Support Provided

The Goddess Scholar grant provides funding for two (2) years, with potential non-competitive renewal for a third (3) year should satisfactory progress be demonstrated. The grant will provide for $65,000 in direct salary support with the balance of funds to be applied toward research costs (e.g. research or laboratory assistant, materials, small equipment).

Criteria For Review

Grants are made on the basis of merit and a demonstration of a commitment to study those aspects of stroke in women which reflect the goals of the Fund's Mission Statement. Other important criteria include the strength of the investigator, applications of research to areas of interest to the Fund, strength of research environment, and institutional support. Review panel will include, but not be limited to, the Medical Advisory Board of The Hazel K. Goddess Fund for Stroke Research in Women.

The goal of the review process is to identify the most promising junior investigators working on important issues related to the problem of stroke in women.

Review Process

A Letter of Intent, not to exceed two (2) pages, outlining the intended project should be submitted for initial screening. Approved Letters of Intent should be followed by a full proposal. The letter of intent should be emailed to The Goddess Fund, with "Letter of Intent" in the subject line, at:

The final application should include:

A. Electronically Submitted

  1. Abstract (no more than 250 words)
  2. A lay summary for use by the Fund (1 page)
  3. Budget and justification (1 page)
  4. Research Proposal (no more than 8 pages, excluding references). The proposal should include the aims of the study, background, preliminary data, a statement of significance to stroke in women, and methods and protocols.
  5. Applicant's curriculum vita

B. Sent to The Goddess Fund

  1. A letter of support from applicant's Department Chairman, clearly stating departmental commitment to the applicant, assurance of faculty position, and that 80% time will be available for the applicant's research.
  2. Three letters from senior colleagues or mentors, each supplied in a sealed envelope, with signature across seal.

Timetable for 2016

  • Electronic Announcement: TBA
  • Electronic submission of Letter of Intent: TBA
  • Letters should be sent as an email to:
  • Notification of invitation to submit a proposal: TBA
  • Full proposal due (electronic): TBA
  • Associated letters must be received by: TBA
  • Notification of award: TBA
  • Funding begins: TBA

For questions, contact:
(Note: Please include "The Goddess Fund" in the subject title)