Get Involved


Ten Easy Ways To Help

  1. Put a stroke card in your wallet and give them to your loved ones. Order more and ask your health care provider if you can leave them in the waiting room for other patients.
  2. Give money to The Goddess Fund in order to support our mission of furthering research on stroke in women and educating the public about this deadly disease.
  3. Buy a stroke pin, with the ancient symbol of eternity and good health, and wear it in order to promote awareness about stroke and women. Buy more for the women in your life; there is nothing like a beautiful gift that is also a form of activism!
  4. Educate yourself and others as to the more intricate issues surrounding women and stroke with our symposium tapes.
  5. Keep your knowledge current by consistently checking our web site and others for the most recent research findings on stroke and women.
  6. Participate in preventative health screenings and discuss your stroke risk with your doctor.
  7. Keep up on the latest government initiatives that affect stroke in women. Write letters to your senators and representatives.
  8. Make your vote count! Support political candidates who support stroke research and awareness.
  9. Attend The Goddess Fund public education and fundraising events, publicized regularly on this web site.
  10. Partner with The Goddess Fund and host an event of your own!